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The Economics and Management of Digital Journalism

In this research domain, we investigate the effects of different forms of digital journalism on consumers and society. First and foremost, we want to find out to which extent digital journalism can be financed in private markets and which aspects of digital journalism (e.g. presentation modes, pricing, payment systems, quality) facilitate its economic viability. However, we also intent to look at the question which forms of digital journalism better benefit domocracy by looking at the effects different presentations modes have on consumers (e.g. with regard to knowledge transfer, political involvement and engagement).

The Volkswagen-Stiftung supports our research in the domain of "Success factors and conditions for digital Entrepreneurial Journalism", a research project in cooperation with RiffReporter (12/2018-11/2020).

We are happy to also have been supported by the Grimme Forschungskolleg of the University of Cologne (4/2018-12/2018).

Media Economics and Policy

In this research field, we are investigating the effects of digitization (especially decreasing marginal costs and increasing competition) and different forms of regulation (e.g. subsidies and Public Service Media) and signals (e.g. journalism awards) on the behavior of journalistic media firms and consumers.

National Culture and Media Technology Acceptance

In this research field, we investigate the effects of national culture on the adoption and usage of mobile media technologies (such as smartphones and tablets) and services (such as mobile banking and payment).

Empirical Sports Economics and Analytics

In this research field, we primarily investigate drivers of demand for broadcastet live sports and try to find ways to measure performance in professional team sports.